• The Logie Baird TV set in the local library was a constant reminder that you can come from a small town like Helensburgh and go out into the world and do whatever you want.

    ― Tom Vaughan, Film & TV Director
  • You know, heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life.

    ―Dave Winfield, Philanthropist
  • When we read stories of heroes, we identify with them. We take the journey with them. We see how the obstacles almost overcome them.

    ―Sam Raimi, Director
  • Nurture your minds with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes

    ―Benjamin Disraeli


The Heroes Centre on Sinclair Street in Helensburgh offers an Exhibition Area, 50s Cafe, Visitor Centre and Retail Area, all of which focus on the contribution that culture, the arts and modern media can make to improve the quality of life for the people of Scotland. 


John Logie Baird, father of television, was the catalyst for the creation of both the Helensburgh Heroes charity and the concept of the Heroes Centre.


He devoted his life to invention, creation and entrepreneurism. He had a belief, a vision and a spirit that was unwavering in its desire to succeed.


From the town that gave one of the world’s most famous sons, Helensburgh Heroes will use the central themes of innovation, aspiration and inspiration to nurture and encourage community participation.


We believe it will inspire current and future generations to do great things by having the arts, education, innovation and community at its heart.


Heroes Exhibition I Hucksters Cafe I Visitor Centre I Exclusive Heroes Merchandise


Heroes Centre

A dynamic space on Helensburgh's Sinclair Street featuring cafe, exhibition area, visitor centre and retail outlet.

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