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Helensburgh Heroes Board comprising elected Directors/Trustees is responsible for setting direction supported by specialist professionals to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance.


The current Board currently comprises three elected Trustees who work on a voluntary basis. If the position of Helensburgh Heroes Trustee/Director is of interest to you please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Phil Worms

Phil Worms is currently a Trustee of the Digital Xtra Fund and is working on a new start up social enterprise project.


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Suzanne Simpson

Suzanne is currently a Business Analyst at the National Australia Group. Suzanne has spent much of her career in the ...


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Stuart Duncan

Stuart is a highly experienced radio and television broadcaster, with over 30 years working for major networks...


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As a Company limited by guarantee, the Helensburgh Heroes Board is committed to ensuring that proper standards of corporate governance operate and has established governance procedures and policies that are considered appropriate to the nature and size of the company. The board directs the company's activities in an effective manner through regular monthly board meetings and monitors performance through timely and relevant reporting procedures.