Clyde School Helensburgh Heroes Proposals

Creating a sustainable new use for the Clyde Street School

A look at the potential to utilise the currently unused Clyde School site in Helensburgh as a shared site for the collocation of Argyll & Bute Council services and local community facilities.

The purpose of the drawings is to illustrate the possibility of reusing the building and surrounding grounds to accommodate new centralised facilities for Argyll & Bute Council serving the Helensburgh area together with a number of identified community uses.

The collocation of these uses on the Clyde School site would fulfil a number of important considerations:
• The provision of essential Council services within new, centralised facilities
• Meeting a demand for community facilities and activities particularly in the areas of education and leisure
• Provide a central tourist attraction that will promote and enhance the area’s rich cultural heritage
• An efficient and sustainable use of resources through the reuse of an existing site and the collocation and sharing of facilities
• Meet the recommendations of the Reporter apropos the Local Plan
• The reuse of a important listed building within the town

Click on the link below to download the complete proposals document.

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