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The Heroes Centre - A Centre of Digital Excellence in the spirtual birthplace of Television

The Charity, Helensburgh Heroes, has secured a three storey Victorian Warehouse and goods yard within the centre of the Scottish West Coast town of Helensburgh.

A team of professionals has been created, tasked with the challenge of converting this former railway building into a Digital Academy & Entertainment Centre.

It is planned that the £2million Heroes Centre will operate throughout the year, will provide a fully functioning digital education facility, designed to develop content creators and ‘new media skills’ required for online broadcast and video. In addition to the training areas, the Centre will also contain two digital auditoriums and a Helensburgh themed ‘50s diner.

Included within the fabric of the building will be a 'Hall of Fame', which will combine various elements of the Centre with memorabilia and displays to celebrate the lives of the local men and women who have real connections with the area, and have contributed so greatly to society.

Included within the 100 inductees are ‘Father of Television’ John Logie Baird, Hollywood stars Deborah Kerr and Jack Buchanan, authors WH Auden and Neil Munro and members of the Glasgow Boys and Girls Arts movement.

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