Helensburgh Heroes Book to be supported by Co-op community fund

Co-op Community Fund supports Helensburgh Heroes Book

June 19, 2017 Posted by Admin - No Comments

Helensburgh Heroes is delighted to announce that it has been selected as one of the three local projects for support by the Co-op Community Fund in the Helensburgh & Lomond Area.

1%of the purchase price or cost of Co-op own branded goods and services purchased by Co-op Members is donated to local good causes as chosen from time to time by Co-op Members. This money, together with money from carrier bag sales, supports many types of community led projects.  Co-op members have helped raise over £14 million for local causes to date.

2017 is Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology and the 90th anniversary of John Logie Baird’s first long distance television transmission between London & Glasgow. To commemorate these two milestones, the Charity wishes to publish a book and produce associated educational materials for local schools which celebrates the lives of 100 inspirational men and women with direct connections to the area.

Working with a local author, the book will engender civic pride and inspire every member of the community to feel that they are of worth and that they have a valuable contribution to make. It is hoped that the book will be published by the end of 2017. Co-op Members will have the opportunity to raise funds for the book for 6 months, between April and October 2017.

If you are a Co-op member and wish to support the Charity in publishing the book, you can select the project HERE 

If you are not a Co-op member but would like to support the Charity’s Book, then you can sign up on the Co-op’s web site HERE and then select to support our project.