Creative writing workshops with Skye MacKinnon at Heroes Centre Helensburgh

Creative Writing Workshops with author Skye Mackinnon

July 18, 2018 Posted by Admin - No Comments

International Award Winning bestselling author Skye MacKinnon will be hosting a number of creative writing workshops at the Heroes Centre in August.

Primarily designed to assist our volunteer authors with their entries for the Charity’s planned book ‘For Women of All Ages’, the workshops are available to any aspiring writers of all ages who would like to attend.

Skye MacKinnon is a bestselling author who has a slight obsession with Scotland, bunnies and dried mango. And when she says slight… her friends are trying to find ways to trick her into not having a book set in Scotland. You’ll often find Skye bribing herself into writing words using cake and tea, but whatever works, right?

Whether it’s set in space (Scottish space, obviously), fantasy worlds (Scottish fantasy worlds, obviously), or Scotland, Skye’s tales are full of magic, romance and adventure. Oh and unicorns. There’s a few demons too.

The creative writing workshops will be held on Tuesday 7th, Friday 10th and Tuesday 14th August at various times.

Places are limited and admission is free for ticket holders only.

Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis HERE