Helensburgh Heroes to host EqualiTea event 22 June 2018

EqualiTea: Helensburgh Heroes to host MPs debate in honour of Eunice Guthrie Murray

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2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the UK Parliament passing the Representation of the People Act, which first gave women, over the age of 21, the right to vote.

Although the Act did not deliver universal suffrage, it was a significant breakthrough; the result of a long, tireless and courageous campaign by countless women and many men, such as Cardross-born suffragette, Eunice Guthrie Murray, who spent many years campaigning for voting equality.

This was finally achieved with the passing of The Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928 which granted equal voting rights to men and women over the age of 21.
90 years later, Helensburgh Heroes is seeking to invoke the spirit of Eunice and others alike, by posing the question: “Are We Equal?” at an EqualiTeas event to be held at the Heroes Centre on Friday 22 June.

Leading the debate will be SNP MP and winner of the 2018 Scottish Politician of the Year’s ‘Best Scot at Westminster’, Alison Thewliss, alongside Argyll and Bute’s local MP Brendan O’Hara.

Commenting, Mr O’Hara said: “This is an excellent opportunity to bring the community together to discuss the importance of equality, to celebrate the sacrifice and dedication of the women’s suffrage movement and honour the memories and legacy of remarkable activists, like Eunice, who fought to shape history. It’s only fitting that the Helensburgh Heroes mark this event given the local connections Eunice has to the town, originating from Cardross”

Phil Worms, Trustee of Helensburgh Heroes stated: ““Given Eunice’s achievements and her connections with the area, we felt it appropriate that Helensburgh Heroes host an EqualiTea event and we are both delighted and grateful that Alison and Brendan have agreed to join us for an evening of lively debate.”

Alongside her mother and sister Sylvia, Eunice Guthrie Murray joined the Women’s Freedom League (WFL). In 1909, she became secretary for ‘scattered members’ before becoming one of three Scottish members on the WFL national executive committee. In 1913 she was described as President for Scotland of the WFL and in 1912, she became the first woman to stand in a parliamentary election in Scotland, as an independent candidate in Glasgow for the Bridgeton constituency.

Free tickets are now available for the “Following in Eunice’s Footsteps EqualiTea event and are available in person from the Heroes Centre, online from the Helensburgh Heroes Facebook page, or by CLICKING HERE