Children’s University Scotland

A Learning Destination – A Place that Inspires Learning

Helensburgh Heroes is a Children's University Scotland Learning Destination

The Helensburgh Heroes Centre was proud to be designated a learning destination for the Children’s University Scotland

The Children’s University is a charity that provides children aged 5 to 14 with the opportunity to take part in exciting, interactive and voluntary learning activities, outside of normal school hours. Children collect credits and gain certificates while they learn. The Charity holds Children’s University graduations, at real grown-up universities, with real caps and gowns.

Taking part lets children explore different learning environments, and become independent and confident learners.The Charity’s aim is to raise aspirations, boost achievement and instil a love of learning that will stay with children throughout their lives.

Helensburgh Heroes passport for learning Children's University ScotlandAs a recognised Learning Destination, the Heroes Centre offered a high-quality, fun, innovative and engaging learning experience for children. Children entering the Centre, took part in an interactive activity and on succesful completion had their passport stamped, earning them a Children’s University credit.

Children taking part at the Heroes Centre completed an activity called ‘What Makes a Hero?‘ encouraging then to learn about the people with connections to the town and to consider what qualities makes a Hero. They were encouraged to nominate their own Hero and provide the reasons for their choice.

Skill points could be gained in: Creativity, Communication & Citizenship


The activity was Free to Children’s University Scotland Passport holders.