Hall of Fame

Helensburgh Heroes Hall of Fame Inductees

We are delighted and proud to bring you the many men and women, with Helensburgh and Lomond connections, who have made, or are continuing to make, significant contributions to the society in which we live.

Whilst the title ‘Hero’ can mean many things to many people, we have used this term in the context of describing someone who has given us all a great example. An example from which we can learn and hopefully be inspired to emulate.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our Hall of Fame Inductees in the proposed Heroes Centreplease Contact us now.

You can read about each Hero by either selecting a specific category or by browsing through the full list. We hope that you will find our Heroes' stories as inspiring as we do.

  • If the Council will join in with this imaginative solution and have the courage to back this proposal then I think it is a very realistic and doable project as well as an elegant solution to three of Helensburgh’s, so far, unresolved dilemmas.
    Berit Vogt

    Clyde Street School