Heroes Centre is designated Children's University Learning Destination

Heroes Centre is designated Children’s University Learning Destination

June 4, 2018 Posted by Admin - No Comments

The recently opened Helensburgh Heroes Centre on Sinclair Street, has become the area’s first designated Children’s University Scotland Learning Destination.

Children’s University Scotland seeks to provide children aged 5-14 with the opportunity to take part in exciting, interactive and voluntary learning activities outside of normal school hours.

Young visitors to the Heroes Centre will be able to learn about the many inspirational men and women with connections to the area through the permanent exhibition space and will then be invited to nominate their own personal ‘hero’, describing their qualities and what’s makes them special.

Children sign up to Children’s University through their school to receive a Passport to Learning and a login to the Aspire website. Children use Aspire to find out about exciting activities available in school, at home or in the community. When they take part, children record their activities in their Passport and on Aspire, unlocking credits and skills points that incentivise learning and celebrate achievement.

Credits lead to Children’s University certificates, presented at special graduations held in school, at community venues or at local colleges or universities. The charity believe that every child should have access to high quality learning beyond the classroom.

Emer Flett of Srgyll and Bute Council in the Helensburgh Heroes Centre which has been designated Helensburgh's first Children's University Learning Destination

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly said: “We want to promote as many learning opportunities as possible for our children.

“The National Curriculum of Excellence encourages achievement, not just attainment, and by getting more children involved with clubs and organisations after school and at weekends, it makes them more aware of what opportunities there are and instills a sense of pride and independence.

“We want to create the right foundations to ensure that our young people have the best start in life and taking part in the Children’s University of Scotland helps to do that. I would urge organisations in Helensburgh and Lomond to sign up to this great scheme.”

Emer Flett, Argyll & Bute Council’s  Service Pupil Advisor and Children’s University area Co-ordinator, stated: “I am delighted to be working on this project with Children’s University Scotland in our Helensburgh & Lomond Schools.  It is a fantastic opportunity for our children.  The aim is to inspire a love of learning beyond the classroom that enriches children’s lives and transforms their prospects for the future.’

Phil Worms, of the Helensburgh Heroes Charity, stated: ‘We’re delighted to be recognised as one of the Children’s University Scotland’s learning destinations and the first in Helensburgh. The charity was founded on the belief that everyone is special and has the capability to be a ‘hero’ and we are really looking forward to reading about the personal nominations that the young passport holders put forward. We want the Centre to engage, to educate and above all inspire and what better way to do this than be part of the Children’s University network.”

Phil added: “I would really encourage interested organisations to get in touch with Emer to discuss the opportunities that the Children’s University offers. The more learning destinations we have in the area the greater the choice we can offer young people wishing to participate.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Children’s University please contact Emer on 01436 658921 or via email: emer.flett@argyll-bute.gov.uk