Heroes Centre

The Heroes Centre will be a brand new inter-generational and inclusive facility that is focused on the contribution that culture, the arts and modern media can make to improve the quality of life for Scotland’s communities.

We believe it will inspire current and future generations to do great things by having the arts, education, innovation and community at its heart, with the model designed for adoption, adaptation and delivery into any sized community within Scotland.

Each Heroes Centre offers digital education with meaningful cultural/social benefits to all members of a local community via a commercially driven and economically sustainable vehicle.


A physical facility open to all that will showcase the achievements of past and present members of the community as evidence and an inspiration that everybody has the potential to be a ‘hero’ if only for a day offer artistic, social or cultural facilities and services looked for by members of the community that are not easily available from other organisations within the area provide dedicated teaching/learning areas suited to the needs of all members of a digital/knowledge-based society provide employment opportunities and stimulate the local economy

The concept of providing professional digital training, coupled with a community hub, and the celebration of human achievement is not confined to any minimum/maximum physical building size or budget.