All of our Heroes

Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell
Musician, Songwriter and Wet Wet Wet member

Neil Mitchell was born on the 8th June 1965 in Helensburgh. He is a talented musician who has risen to prominence as a member of the Scottish quartet Wet Wet Wet.

The quartet formed at Clydebank High School in Clydebank, Scotland, in 1982, under the name Vortex Motion.

Neil Munro

Neil Munro

Neil Munro was born, an illegitimate son, in Inveraray , Argyll, to Ann Munro, a kitchen maid, on 3rd June 1863.

Shortly after his birth, Neil and his mother moved in with his grandmother Anne McArthur Munro who lived in a one-roomed house). Both ladies were native speakers of Gaelic and it is from them that the Neil received his knowledge of the old language and culture.

He was educated at the parish school in Inveraray which he left in 1877, having gained employment as clerk in a local lawyer’s office. Whilst working there he learned what Latin and taught himself shorthand.

Eunice Guthrie Murray MBE

Eunice Guthrie Murray
Suffragist, Political Activist, Historian, Author and first woman to stand in a parliamentary election in Scotland

Eunice Guthrie Murray was born on the 21st January 1878 at Moore Park, Cardross, the youngest daughter of three to David Murray, a Glasgow lawyer (who with David Maclay and John Spens founded the Glasgow law firm Maclay Murray and Spens), and Frances Porter Stoddard, the daughter of an American family living in Port Glasgow.

Christopher Orr

Artist Christopher Orr
Contemporary Artist who conjures dramatic and fantastic worlds from existent material

“Christopher Orr's dark, diminutive oil paintings seem at first glance to have been salvaged from some alternate past. He conjures a dramatic lost world in which characters, scenes, and objects culled from popular midcentury print media seem to have strayed into the sublime landscape visions of a nineteenth-century Romantic.”

Stephen Park OBE

Stephen Park
The ‘Spark’ behind Team GB’s Olympic Sailing Success

Despite his parents living in Helensburgh, Stephen Park, known universally throughout the yachting community as ‘Sparky’, was actually born in Glasgow on the 24th February 1968. He attended Hermitage Primary School and Hermitage Academy, and learnt his sailing in Mirror dinghies and 420s at Helensburgh Sailing Club. With his brother Ian, also a keen sailor, they represented the Academy and won the Scottish Schools Championship. It was an indicator of things to come.