All of our Heroes

Major Ian Purvis MC

major ian purvis mc
Bravely fought with the Ghurkas in Burma and fought for the Ghurkas in the UK

Ian Whitelaw Purvis was born on the 26th October 1922, in Lucknow, India, the son of Murray, a doctor in the Indian medical service and Hilda, who was born in The Grange, Suffolk Street, and the daughter of James Whitelaw Hamilton, a contemporary of the Glasgow Boys.

On returning to Scotland he attended Larchfield School before Glenalmond and Queens' College, Cambridge, where he read French and German before the war intervened.

Ian trained as an officer cadet before volunteering for the Indian Army, where he was commissioned into the 6th Gurkha Rifles (Queen Elizabeth's Own).

Gordon Reid

Gordon Reid Paralympic Tennis Star
Wheelchair tennis star, British #1 and the youngest men’s tennis player selected to represent Team GB in a Paralympic Games

Gordon was born on 2nd October 1991 in Helensburgh. He started playing tennis when he was 6 years of age and started playing wheel chair tennis in February 2005. The only difference in the rules between wheelchair tennis and other tennis is that in wheelchair tennis you're allowed to hit the ball after the second bounce.

Emma Richards MBE

Emma Richards
Yachtswoman & First British woman to complete the Around Alone

Emma Sanderson (nee Richards) was born in 1975, and first came to Scotland at the age of five when her father was appointed in 1980 to the Chair of Aeronautics and Fluid Mechanics at the University of Glasgow. The family settled in Helensburgh, an ideal location for them to indulge in their hobby of sailing, an activity at which Emma excelled at an early age, at 11 she was competing in dinghy world championships.

George Rickey

George Rickey Kinetic Sculptor and Helensburgh Hero
Kinetic Sculptor

Rickey was born on June 6, 1907 in South Bend, Indiana. When Rickey was a child, his father, an executive with Singer Sewing Machine Company, moved the family to Helensburgh.

Rev Archibald Eneas Robertson

Rev Archibald Eneas Robertson
The First Munroist

Archibald Eneas Robertson was born in Helensburgh in 1870, the son of a prosperous Victorian merchant, and he is widely credited with being the first person to successfully climb every Munro to become the World’s first “Munro Bagger”!