Mary O'Rourke

Master Joe
“Master Joe Petersen” – the Boy Soprano

Born to Hannah and Joseph O'Rourke, in Maitland Street Helensburgh on 26th July 1913, the twelth of fourteen children, Mary was brought up in Glasgow's Gallowgate.

Seb Vaughan aka "69db"

Seb Vaughan aka db69
Founder member of UK 1980s techno Acid House movement - the "Spiral Tribe" sound system

Seb Vaughan aka dj "69db".

At the age of 17 Seb, brother of Film Director Tom, left the family home in Helensburgh to play drums for his psycadelic rock band.

The year was 1988 and was the year that Acid house took the country by force. After 2 years of discovery in and around the many parties 69db being a drummer saw the potential in this repetative beat. At the same time as joining Spiral Tribe Sound System 69db enrolled in City of Leeds College of Music where he got his access to his first recording studio. It was here that he composed his first tracks for Spiral Tribe.