Gordon Dalgleish

Gordon Dalgleish is the co-founder and president of PerryGolf, an international golf and luxury lifestyle travel firm. Dalgleish, who founded the company in 1984 with his brother, Colin, is based in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Growing up across the road from Helensburgh Golf Club, Gordon and Colin began their lifelong golf experience with weekly lessons from club professional Brian Anderson.

Following their collegiate golfing days in the U.S. – Gordon at William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and Colin at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio – the Dalgleish brothers established PerryGolf in 1984. The luxury golf and lifestyle travel firm is now among the travel industry’s most respected operators, helping Americans enjoy upscale golf trips to the founders’ native Scotland and other premier golfing venues. In addition to the British Isles, still the most popular venues for Americans traveling to play golf, PerryGolf also conducts land and cruise tours to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the Mediterranean, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and China.

Gordon Dalgleish and PerryGolf are credited with a number of innovations that have brought a new level of luxury and comfort to golf travelers while enriching the golf and travel experience. Before the Dalgleish brothers founded PerryGolf, golf travelers typically made their own arrangements and often suffered the consequences, including unsecured tee times, second-class accommodations and problems navigating their way through unfamiliar territory. By taking advantage of their knowledge of golf in the British Isles and their understanding of Americans’ travel expectations, the Dalgleish brothers built their business around a travel experience that offered expertise at every turn, from golf and accommodation to transportation and sightseeing.

Luxurious train travel aboard the Royal Scotsman, an Orient Express-style experience for 36 clients; privately chartered, small-ship golf cruises; private jet programs for small groups utilizing a Gulfstream IV; river barge cruising in France and Mercedes-Benz VIP golf coaches with a concierge driver are among the travel innovations introduced by PerryGolf. Visitors to the PerryGolf Web site (perrygolf.com) can use the Plan Your Own Tour trip calculator to plan and price custom schedules and receive detailed itineraries and pricing information online.

The PerryGolf staff is scattered around the world. Gordon heads up the company’s marketing and sales functions from its U.S. headquarters in Wilmington, N.C. Colin is based in his hometown of Helensburgh, Scotland, from where he has responsibility for the logistics and operations of tours that now go to 12 countries. PerryGolf travel specialists, who are based in various parts of the U.S., Canada, Scotland, Japan, China, Thailand and South Africa, are complemented by local supplier partners in each of the 12 countries.

Gordon Dalgleish is a former director on the board of the American Junior Golf Association (1988-2000), a panelist for GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Courses, and a founding member of the American Association of Golf Tour Operators. He has twice been named one of the travel industry’s top travel specialists by Condé Nast Traveler.