Cecil Day Lewis

Poet Laureate

Day Lewis was born on April 27, 1904, in Ballin Ireland, the only child of the Rev. F. C. Day Lewis.

When Cecil was 4, his mother died and the family moved to England. He was educated at Sherborne School on a scholarship and was an exhibitioner at Wadham College, Oxford.

Robin Lloyd Jones

Robin Lloyd-Jones Author and Helensburgh Hero
Award winning author, Teacher and passionate defender of Free Speech

Robin was born in London on the 5th October 1934, and spent six years of his early childhood in pre-independence India as a ‘child of the British Raj’, whilst his father served as an Indian Army officer. In 1946 Robin returned to the UK and completed his education at Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devon and Cambridge University, where he obtained a MA degree in Social Anthropology.

Helen MacInnes

Helen McInnes
The Queen of Spy Writers

Helen Clark MacInnes was born on October 7th, 1907 in Glasgow. Helen attended Hermitage School, Helensburgh and then Glasgow High School for Girls.

Helen MacInnes earned an M.A. degree at Glasgow University in 1928. In 1929-1930, Helen was selector of county library book acquisitions, Dunbartonshire Education Authority and received her diploma in librarianship from University College, London, in 1931.

Dr Osborne Henry Mavor CBE LL.D M.D a.k.a James Bridie

OH Mavor James Bridie
Medic, Playwright, Dramatist and Patron of Scotland’s Performing Arts

Osborne Henry Mavor was born in Glasgow on 3 January 1888, the eldest son of Henry Alexander Mavor (1858–1915) and his wife, Janet Osborne (1860–1926).

Henry Mavor was a man of many gifts who, having been compelled for financial reasons to abandon the study of medicine, subsequently made a moderately comfortable living as an engineer. ‘The houses in which the Mavors lived had an atmosphere of dignity and good manners and a smell of old books and ink’. So wrote his son O. H. Mavor in One Way of Living his acclaimed autobiography.

Neil Munro

Neil Munro

Neil Munro was born, an illegitimate son, in Inveraray , Argyll, to Ann Munro, a kitchen maid, on 3rd June 1863.

Shortly after his birth, Neil and his mother moved in with his grandmother Anne McArthur Munro who lived in a one-roomed house). Both ladies were native speakers of Gaelic and it is from them that the Neil received his knowledge of the old language and culture.

He was educated at the parish school in Inveraray which he left in 1877, having gained employment as clerk in a local lawyer’s office. Whilst working there he learned what Latin and taught himself shorthand.