Martin Smith


Born in 1975, and brought up in Helensburgh, the former Hermitage Primary and Hermitage Academy pupil, Martin had always desired to be an artist.

Although he found his attempts to enter art college thwarted, it was, as he puts it "a blessing in disguise" since it eventually led him instead to concentrate on what turned out to be his real love ­ film and film-making in all its different facets. Initially, he took a college course in photography but later was accepted onto a film course at Edinburgh’s Napier University.

Film school provided an excellent working atmosphere where he met an ambitious group of peers - "avid film-makers who really pushed themselves on" - keen on creating quality work as much as Martin himself. Working with a 16mm camera fired a love of working with film, rather than video, which Martin feels detracts from the style of shooting that he prefers.

Martin’s directorial CV includes music videos featuring top Scottish bands such as Arab Strap, The Delgados and Toaster. In the television-based film series, Smith conveyed personal perceptions of Edinburgh as seen through the eyes of natives such as Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson and champion boxer Alex Arthur.

In November 2006, Martin was the winner of the BAFTA Scotland Award for 'Best Short Film' with TRACKS - a shocking and naturalistic portrayal of children's cruelty in a powerful, raw and affecting film.

Martin is now developing screenplays for feature films.