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John Michael Hammersley

John Michael Hammersley
Founder of the mathematical theory of percolation

Hammersley was born at Dee Bank, Helensburgh on 21 March 1920. He was born of an international couple. His father, Guy Hammersley, was employed in the American steel trade mostly in London, and worked his way from office boy to European Manager during the 1920s. His mother, Marguerite Whitehead, was born in Moscow in 1889, and was sent to boarding school in England in 1903.

James Ballantyne Hannay

James Ballantyne Hannay
Chemist and ‘inventor’ of artificial diamonds

On January 1st 1855 James Ballantyne Hannay was born in Glasgow, his father was Alexander Hannay who owned the Grand Theatre in the Cowcaddens, Glasgow.

James was apparently a brilliant chemist and scientist and from 1879 onwards produced papers, which were read to the Royal Society on many scientific matters, and he also patented many inventions connected with industry. He had a dye works in Hamburg, which specialised in aniline dyes and a private laboratory in Sword Street, Glasgow.

Joseph Dalton Hooker

Joseph Dalton Hooker
Author, Botanist & Explorer

In 1855 he was appointed assistant-director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and in 1865 he succeeded his father as full director, holding the post for twenty years. Under the directorship of father and son Hooker, the Royal Botanical gardens of Kew rose to world renown.

Sir William Jackson Hooker

William Jackson Hooker

In 1820 regius professorship of botany in the University of Glasgow. 1821 he brought out the Flora Scotica, in which the natural method of arrangement of British plants was given with the artificial. He worked with the Glasgow botanist and lithographer Thomas Hopkirk to establish the Royal Botanic Institution of Glasgow and to lay out and develop the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Emeritus Professor Ian McIntyre CBE, PhD, FRCVS

Professor Ian McIntrye CBE, PhD, FRCVS
From the West Coast of Scotland to the East Coast of Africa – A remarkable veterinary teacher, scientist and scholar.

William Ian Mackay McIntyre was born on the 7th July, 1919, in Altnaharra, Sutherland, the son of a gamekeeper. It was the time spent walking his dogs with his father on moors of the Kimball estate in Sutherland that led to Ian’s early interest in animals and wildlife.