Helensburgh Heroes recognise that people have busy lives and that we can’t all find the time to spend an evening each month sitting in someone’s front room debating and planning. So we are planning to do things differently.

The Heroes will be managed by a small team of Directors, who will ensure that the company meets and exceeds all levels of good corporate governance.

Work Package Owners
Under the Directors will be a small group of volunteers – the work package owners - who will be able to give a regular time commitment to the Company and who will own and manage various specialist functions for Helensburgh Heroes. Areas include: Arts, Heritage, Media, Education, Design, Planning, Finance, Environment and Tourism & Leisure.

And then finally, we have our Heroes volunteers. A Heroes volunteer is defined as someone who wishes to help and give to the company if and when they can. This may be assisting one afternoon with a survey, teaching a youth group about Henry Bell, writing a biography for a Hero for the web, contacting a company for sponsorship, sending memories of the town or designing a series of postcards! It doesn’t matter – it is all important.

We don’t want to turn away or exclude anyone that can help the Heroes in any way – we believe that we all – no matter age or background – have a part to play.

If you would like to offer your services for any of the roles outlined above, please contact us now. Simply tell us what you would like to do, and what you can offer us and we’ll get right back to you. We can guarantee you will be involved!!