Feedback from the Commodore Event

We have managed to compile the feedback from the Commodore Event and here it is in its raw form.

"Great ideas – something Helensburgh needs. Cinema desperately needed especially."

"Let’s get Helensburgh back on the map. This is a good step forward."

"Fabulous presentation! Just what Helensburgh and my family needs. Absolutely need a cinema and a family diner. Also love ideas for reservoirs."

"Well done – very imaginative. Puts down a marker for everyone putting in a bid for the school."

"Amazing ideas. Just what Helensburgh locals and visitors alike needs. Wishing Helensburgh Heroes every success. Look forward to using this wonderful amenity."

"Absolutely brilliant ideas! Love the cinema idea – talk to XXXXXXX who lives in Helensburgh and is your man as far as that is concerned – would be glad to help out in any way I can."

"Good luck with the project – well presented. Cinema space could be multi purpose? Indoor bowling for tourists for a change. Could spread info. Would buy a brick!"

"I used the Clyde Street Centre lots when I was young. I think the ideas are great and I hope you are successful."

"A great vision and plan! I hope this goes ahead."

"Unfortunately missed presentation but we sincerely hope you are successful. Helensburgh needs this. PS Came back for the presentation –very inspiring – good luck."

"Brilliant presentation. Look forward to positive developments."

"Good idea to link community facility with council offices. Let’s hope councillors do not write off the proposals without taking it seriously."

"Very interesting proposals backed by tremendous drive and enthusiasm. Facilities proposed – credible and should be attractive to multiple users. Good luck!"

"100% in favour of any project which saves the Clyde Street building for community use – it’s a lovely building. Cinema a good idea."

"Great opportunity to bring Helensburgh forward. Realistic approach."

"This gives Helensburgh a sense of pride back in their town."

"Inspirational. Its about time there was something in the town open to everybody. Tying the council offices into the project like this sounds great. Developing an architecturally designed building into our heritage is wonderful."

"Really inspired by presentation. I’ve always known that Helensburgh has such potential and a wonderful past but what about our exciting future."

"Helensburgh Heroes is an inspiration. I hope we have the vision to seize this opportunity for the town and its people."

"Almost exactly what this community needs – and the enthusiasm as well! Doesn’t matter if its £8.6M or £9.5M – keep going."

"How would the maintenance for the promenade feature be financed?"

"The seaside side of the building MUST be used to give the full pleasure of the spectacular view. A meeting room, an office and a fire escape? What a waste of the best waterside in the town. Turn it round for the public to enjoy."

Executive Summary

Most people were extremely positive about the Clyde Street proposals. The biggest single comment made was that the 'plans had been well constructed and that there appeared to be a logical business case underpinning the whole concept.' Many people left the event feeling quiet inspired and have left offers of help as a result of the Open Day.

One recurring issue/theme that was raised was that the view of the Clyde was being lost from the community part of the Clyde Street Centre and was being 'allocated' to the Council offices. However, it was generally accepted that the CSC could not simply be brought back to life without firm financial grounding and that a regular income was required from an anchor tenant. The concept of creating a 'Civic Centre Type' building including Council & Community facilities was greeted with enthusiasm, as it was realised that this aspect of the proposal gave it a longevity whilst also presenting an opportunity for the Council to reduce (ratepayers!) funds on building a single use centre for its offices. The aesthetics of the CSC extension were positively received, but nearly everyone commented that the area proposed for the extension - floods too often! The most popular community feature of the proposals was the cinema, which most visitors deemed as 'drastically needed' and a fantastic idea.

Overall, visitors felt that the Helensburgh Heroes plans are realistic in approach and are actually feasible.

Maybe one for the future - but many visitors left positive comments about the opportunities that the possible acquisition of the reservoir area presents the community.

Once again, a very big thank you to all members of the local community who managed to attend the event and provide important feedback. If you did not make the event but still wish to add your comments, then please feel free to do so here: On Line Petition