Helensburgh Heroes unveils plans for West Coast Arts & Community Centre and Hall of Fame

Helensburgh Heroes, has unveiled plans to convert an old Victorian warehouse into an Arts & Community Entertainment Centre.

The building at 19 George Street, Helensburgh has been described as a hidden gem. Containing many of its original industrial era Victorian features, such as cobble stone flooring and an impressive volume, the building offers the Charity the opportunity to create a centre with real ‘wow factor’ over three floors. The Charity has been seeking a viable location for such a project since its inception in 2008.

The Charity’s project has the working title of ‘The Heroes Centre’. Early proposals make provision for two digital cinema/event auditoriums capable of showing the latest movies including 3D films, a Helensburgh themed 50s style diner, a chill out Wi-Fi enabled lounge area, exhibition space, meeting and conference space and an entire floor to be utilised for local arts, crafts and community groups.

Helensburgh Heroes has secured an agreement with the building’s owners, and is now inviting members of the local community and interested parties to meet the project team to discuss the proposals and provide feedback.

The Charity wishes to use various elements and features within the Centre to publicly celebrate the lives of the men and women who have connections with the area, and who have made, and are continuing to make significant contributions to society – the ‘Helensburgh Heroes’ in the charity’s name – individuals such as John Logie Baird, Deborah Kerr, Jack Buchanan, Henry Bell and Sir James Guthrie. The Charity intends to establish a formal Hall of Fame within the Centre, and it plans to use items of memorabilia and displays to tell the inductees personal stories.

Regular project updates will be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/helensburghheroescharity and the Charity's web site.