Heroes Centre Community Open Days – An Update

The response to the Heroes Centre Community Open Days has been more than encouraging. The charity has received messages of support and confirmation of attendance from clubs, schools, associations, parliamentarians, local Councillors, the media and many local people.

Helensburgh Heroes really appreciate the efforts that people are making to attend the Days, either in person, or via a representative.

Feedback to date suggests that there is an over whelming desire to see a facility such as the Heroes Centre materialise within the Helensburgh Area, and that the community would both welcome and support it.

Naturally, the enthusiasm is tempered with some concerns about funding and ‘unnecessarily raising expectations’ but these issues must be overcome in any project. There are many stages of a project’s cycle and financing, whilst major, is one that only can be considered after certain other elements have been completed. Community Consultation is, at this stage, of greater importance and significance.

The Charity hopes that as many people manage to attend over the next two days as it will provide the team with opportunity to discuss the proposals whilst giving the community the opportunity to air concerns, provide suggestions, offer advice and more importantly get involved moving forward!

Just to recap.

The Community Days will be held at the old Warehouse, 19 George Street, Helensburgh, G84 7PR on Friday 11th February 10.00am – 7.00pm & Saturday 12th February 10.00am – 4.00pm

The format is very simple. We are inviting the local community to drop by, at any time during the opening hours, to see the Charity’s proposals, experience the potential the building offers and provide feedback. The Charity hopes to collate all of feedback, analyse it and use the results to shape the next stage of the project.

Feedback will be collected via a variety of methods, including a Heroes Centre Questionnaire.

If you cannot attend either Open Day but would still like the opportunity to comment and provide feedback we’d be delighted if you could complete the Heroes Centre Online Survey: Click here to take survey or download the survey form below and post it the Charity.

All feedback is valued and will be used by the Project Team.

It is the Team’s intention to inform the Community of the results and outcomes of the Open Days as soon as possible.

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