Scottish Charity has 60 Days to save two historic John Logie Baird treasures for the town of his birth

Helensburgh charity offered world’s oldest known TV Sales Catalogue and T5 Cathode Ray Tube

A Scottish Charity has turned to crowdfunding in an attempt to secure two rare and historic items relating to John Logie Baird, the ‘Father of Television.’

Helensburgh Heroes is hoping to bring what is believed to be the only complete copy of the world’s first TV sales catalogue and a 1936 glass cathode ray tube to the town where the television pioneer was born.

The items have been offered to the Charity on an exclusive basis and it is now seeking to raise an agreed fee of £2,250 within the next 60 days through the UK's leading reward-based crowdfunding platform Bloom VC (Venture Catalyst).

Phil Worms, Director of Helensburgh Heroes, said: “This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire these two historically important items for Helensburgh, John Logie Baird’s birthplace. We have a small window of opportunity to secure them for the town and crowdfunding offers an immediacy that no other funding channel can and will hopefully help us reach people who share our aims.

“There is a real synergy about using the internet of today to try to preserve two items associated with last century’s technological revolution, the dawn of television. We hope we can attract enough pledges of support, from as little as £5, to help us keep these amazing items in Scotland.”

Crowdfunding is an inclusive way for start-ups, social enterprises or community projects to reach out on the web for financial support.

Amanda Boyle, CEO of Bloom VC, said: “At last crowdfunding is coming of age in Scotland. In America crowdfunding is widely accepted, but the UK was slower to catch on. Now we are providing an acceptable, alternative source of finance to start ups, businesses, students, charities, communities and social enterprises.”

The original TV sales catalogue produced by Baird in 1928 is complete with its original Order Form. It illustrates the Baird models A, B and C with descriptions and prices, plus a picture of the internal works of the model B. Only one other extant copy is known to exist and is owned by the MZTV Museum of Television in Toronto, but that copy is missing its order form. The item offered to the Charity is potentially the only copy of its type worldwide.

The 1936 T5 CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) that Helensburgh Heroes is also trying to secure is believed to be one of only ten known to exist worldwide.

Amanda Boyle from Bloom VC added: "Crowdfunding is ideal for projects such as Helensburgh Heroes. Not only does it raise funds and awareness, it helps build a community in advance of the Heroes Centre being opened. We hope everyone in Scotland - and those who've moved away but still hold Scotland in their hearts - will back this project to keep such important, historic artefacts where they belong."

Phil Worms from Helensburgh Heroes, added: “It’ll be a fantastic achievement if we manage to obtain these television treasures. Not only will their acquisition provide the overall Heroes Centre project with a major boost but more importantly they will provide Helensburgh with a very tangible connection to one of its most famous sons, to be enjoyed by generations to come.”

The charity, Helensburgh Heroes, is working on a project to convert a Victorian warehouse into a Digital Media Academy in Helensburgh - The Heroes Centre. The Centre will provide a fully functioning digital education facility, designed to develop content creators and ‘new media skills’ required for online broadcast and video. In addition to the training areas, the Centre will also contain two digital auditoriums and a Helensburgh themed ‘50s diner.

The theme for the Heroes Centre will be 'Inspiration' and at its heart will be a three-storey 'Wall of Fame' showcasing, through the use of storyboards and memorabilia, the talents and achievements of some of Scotland's finest sons and daughters. One of whom is the ‘Father of Television’ John Logie Baird who was born in Helensburgh on the 13 August 1888. Other notable residents of the town include the actress Deborah Kerr, the artist Sir James Guthrie, author AJ Cronin and former British Prime Minister Andrew Bonar Law.

If successfully acquired the two Logie Baird items will go on permanent display in Helensburgh and be part of the Heroes Centre once it’s built.

Details of Helensburgh Heroes’ crowdfunding project can be found here: