The Opportunity

The reservoirs at the top of Sinclair Street are no longer operational. Scottish Water plc has declared that it intends to formally dispose of these assets within the next 12-18 months. The area currently provides a haven for wildlife, a recreation place for the community and a first class fishing facility for the Helensburgh Angling Club.

The proposed sale presents the town with an opportunity to build upon the area's environment, heritage, culture and location and leave something of worth for generations to come.
Similarlry, the former Clyde Steet Centre lies dormant and in the hands of the Council.
The various community groups within the town have united and are committed to purchasing both the reserviors and the Clyde Street Centre.
It is proposed that the reserviors will continue to provide the town with a recreational area of outstanding beauty, and the Clyde Street Centre will be converted into a first class arts and heritage centre.
A project such as this may well inspire future generations to emulate the achievements of their forebears, and that will ultimately be the most fitting tribute that we could pay to John Logie Baird, Jack Buchanan, Deborah Kerr, William Lieper, Jimmy Logan and Co.