Two Rare John Logie Baird artefacts saved for Helensburgh

Helensburgh Heroes is delighted to announce, Monday 18th September 2012, that it has managed to save and procure for the Town of Helensburgh, two rare and valuable items associated with the life of John Logie Baird.

The two items, a T5 cathode ray tube and what is believed to be the world's only surviving complete copy of the first television sales catalogue (1928), were purchased by the Charity from a private collector for £2,250. The funding to acquire the items was obtained via a successful Crowd Funding campaign using the Bloom VC website.

The campaign which lasted for 60 days, offered potential backers the opportunity to make financial pledges ranging from £5 to £300 to help secure the items. The target of £2,250 was reached with 4 full days of the campaign left to run.

Phil Worms, Director of the Charity stated: "We are delighted that these items have been saved for the town of Helensburgh, birthplace of John Logie Baird, and we can not thank our crowd funding backers enough for both their generosity and support. We hope to collect the items in the next couple of weeks and will be arranging a suitable venue for their display so that they can be viewed and enjoyed by the local community."

Worms added: "We were presented with a unique opportunity to try and obtain these items and I am delighted that so many people stepped forward to help us. The two two artefacts are really special and can be considered museum class pieces, so it is fantastic that they will be 'coming home' for display in Helensburgh."