About Us

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Helensburgh Heroes is a young but hugely ambitious charity. It was formed in 2008 by local people with the specific intent of procuring, delivering and managing leisure and arts facilities that will educate, inform and above all inspire.

The title ‘Hero’ can mean many things to many people but we have used this term in the context of describing someone who has given us all a great example. An example from who we can learn and hopefully be inspired to emulate.

The Charity is named in honour of the many men and women with connections to the Helensburgh Area who have made significant contributions to the society in which we live through their physical, cultural, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects.

The Heroes theme having been chosen as the stories of Helensburgh’s sons and daughters, events and aspirations, connect us as individuals to the area, and give meaning to our past, present and future.

Helensburgh Heroes is a registered charity in Scotland: SC040114