Stuart Duncan

Stuart Duncan is a highly experienced radio and television broadcaster, having spent more than 30 years working for major networks in both the UK and Australia.

During his career, Stuart has developed and acquired all of the skills required for content creation in today’s digital age, including web design, photography, scriptwriting, technical and talent direction as well as audio, video and music production.

He began his career at the BBC in the mid-1980s, producing and presenting a range of radio programmes for both local stations and regional networks.

In 1992 Stuart left the UK to join Australia’s SBS Corporation. As a senior producer for SBS Radio, he was responsible for the technical production of outside broadcasts, multi-track music recordings and both live and pre-recorded radio programmes in more than 60 languages. It was during this period that Stuart began to design and deliver training packages for broadcast staff to ensure that necessary digital skills were readily available within Australia’s broadcast industry as it prepared for the transformational effect of the Internet.

In 2003, Stuart joined Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC, where he produced both radio and TV programmes before taking on the role of Senior Producer for the corporation’s Digital Radio division. During this period Stuart researched, wrote, recorded and edited audio and video programmes for both on air and online broadcast. Working with a wide range of Australian and international musicians, Stuart also pioneered the use of ‘affordable’ technology to produce high quality broadcast content using extremely cost-efficient production models.

Stuart returned to the UK as a freelance producer in 2014. He remains passionate about the creation of quality content and is committed to providing the skills required by future generations working in the creative digital industries.