Women of All Ages Book and Exhibition Announced

Women of All Ages Book & Exhibition Announced

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Helensburgh Heroes is one of 50 organisations to receive a grant from the Scottish Government’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme. Almost £170,000 in sums between £500 and £5,000 has been awarded to charities, community groups and other organisations to help Scotland celebrate and commemorate the centenary of some women receiving the right to vote.

The grant will fund the publication of a book, the commissioning of a commemorative medal and an exhibition, all in honour of local suffragette and first woman to stand for a Parliamentary seat in Scotland, Eunice Guthrie Murray.

Helensburgh Heroes, was founded in the belief that everyone has it within them to be a Hero, even if only for one day, and that sometimes all we need is a role model to unlock our potential. A role model from who we can learn and be inspired to emulate – someone like Eunice.

Eunice was also a prolific writer and published many books. She dedicated her 1930 book ‘Scottish Women of Bygone Days’ to ‘To the Women of All Ages who Defied Convention and Held Aloft the Banner of Progress”.

The charity wishes to commemorate Eunice’s life and others like her by creating a book written by 100 Helensburgh and Lomond women of all ages, titled: “To the Women of All Ages by Women of All Ages”.

Each contributor – from primary school age to the elder members of the community – will select a female role model and write a maximum of 300 words about their nominee and explain their choice. For those that wish to participate but not write, their own words will be recorded and transcribed. There is no set criteria for the nomination – the person can be a teacher, carer, relative, best friend or someone in the public eye – simply a woman who has inspired the writer in some way.

A series of ‘drop ins’ and creative writing workshops will be held in the Heroes Centre by local authors to assist contributors with their entries.

The book will then be professionally produced and published at a launch event in the Heroes Centre on January 21st 2019, the 141st anniversary of Eunice’s birth in Cardross. The event will see the start of a free to enter exhibition “To the Women of All Ages” which will conclude on Friday 8th March 2019 (International Women’s Day), that will tell the story of both Eunice Guthrie Murray and the ‘Heroines’ nominated by the authors and featured within the book.

Each of the 100 contributors will receive a copy of a book together with a specially commissioned Vote 100/Eunice Guthrie Murray commemorative medal.

Join In & Contribute

Any woman of any age from Helensburgh & Lomond is welcome to submit a contribution either written or orally. At this stage, we are simply require the completion of an expression of interest form by August 31st 2018. The form contains a couple of basic questions which will assist the planning and design of the book and exhibition. Full details will be provided over the coming weeks.