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About Helensburgh Heroes celebrating the past inspiring the future

We’re about People, Opportunity & Inspiration

Helensburgh Heroes was founded in 2008 by a small group of people who share a passion about improving local communities and a common belief that everyone is ‘special’ but that a catalyst is needed to make individuals aware of this.

Helensburgh, in common with some many towns and villages across Scotland, boasts a rich and diverse history of nurturing many successful, inspirational creative people blessed with pioneering spirits. In Helensburgh’s case this includes film directors, actors, musicians, authors, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists including the leading lights of the Glasgow Boys and Girls movement, architects and music producers, and of course the Father of Television – John Logie Baird.

Yet, also in common with so many towns and villages across Scotland, there is at present no real public focus, either nationally or locally, which celebrates the contributions made by these people who had or have connections with the town. And yet what incredible role models to inspire and learn from.

In late 2017, we opened the Heroes Centre in Helensburgh, it was small in scale but enabled us to bring our ideas to life and confirm their potential to enhance the talent, vitality and well-being of our community. Unfortunatley it was closed in October 2018 as a result of issues surrounding access rights.